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60 Unsolved Myst & Crimes

60 Unsolved Myst & Crimes

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Multi-Disc Set; Features Include The Jfk Murder Conspiracy, Who Kidnapped The Lindbergh Baby? Did Babe Ruth Call His Shot? Did Lizzy Borden Kill Her Parents? What Really Happened To Amelia Earhart? Who Whacked Bugsy Siegel? Roswell - Are We Alone In The Universe? Is D.B. Cooper Alive? Was Apollo Eleven'S Moon Landing A Hoax?;; Program 1; Where Is Natalee Ann Holloway?; Could Nicola Tesla'S Greatest Invention Power The World For Free?; Who Discovered America First?; Did John Wilkes Booth Get Away With Murder?; The Mystery Of Ambrose Bierce; Is Jim Morrison Dead?; Was Marilyn Monroe Murdered?; Joseph Smith And The Golden Tablets; Program 2; What Is The Jersey Devil?; The Mystery Of Little Big Horn; Who Whacked Bugsy Siegel?; Who Fired The Shot Heard Round The World?; The Philadelphia Experiment; Who Bombed Wall Street In 1920?; Program 3; Was Apollo Eleven'S Moon Landing A Hoax?; Did Tom Horn Really Murder Willie Nickell?; Where Is The Treasure Of Dutch Schultz?; Were Sacco And Vanzetti Innocent?; Will The Tylenol Murders Ever Be Solved?; Where Did Wisconsin'S Eagle Diamond Come From?; What Killed Harry Houdini?; Program 4; Who Killed Thelma Todd?; Did Babe Ruth Call His Shot?; Does Bigfoot Exist?; Did Fatty Arbuckle Kill Virginia Rappe?; A Bizarre Roswell Connection; Where Are The Boston Heist Paintings?; The Mysterious Death Of Edgar Allan Poe; Program 5; Has Anyone Ever Escaped From Alcatraz?; What Happened To Judge Crater?; Who Was The New Orleans Axeman?; The Riddle Of Nat
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