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Assorted New and Damaged Jewelry 5 Lb

Assorted New and Damaged Jewelry 5 Lb

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Priced per pound. Along with our normal base of jewelry resellers, we have found these lots are very popular with Crafters and Doll Makers. We also find that Civic and Church groups like this wholesale cheap bulk discount jewelry lot for fundraisers (they can donate their time to sort, clean, repair and collate it for resale). Flea Marketers, Store Owners and Ebay sellers may also find these jewelry assortments profitable.

We can't say exactly what will be included in these lots since we will not be sorting the jewelry. You will be purchasing it exactly the way it comes in the door to us. Due to our contractual agreement with the manufacturer, we are not allowed to list the brand names or store it comes from. We show many pictures as examples from previous shipments. The brand names are blacked out in our pictures but the jewelry you receive will NOT have the brands defaced.
For those of you that have not purchased unsorted jewelry before we want to make sure you understand that there will be damaged pieces in these lots. Our experience over the years tells us that, on average, most loads contain about 1/3 good ready to sell jewelry, 1/3 good jewelry that either has damaged cards, is un-carded, or contains multiple sets on a card and some of the sets are incomplete, and about 1/3 that is broken, tarnished or otherwise unsuitable for normal sale. These number will vary from box to box, but over time you will find these numbers to be pretty accurate.
Suggested Retail: $39.99
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