500pc Patriotic Display

500pc Patriotic Display

SKU #268769
This is a great display of patriotic items that has clips on the back so that it can be hung on shelving. The display is approximately 15 inches wide and 26 inches tall. Each piece is individually UPC coded. Patriotic display assortment. Included in the case may be the following, or items of a similar style.

  • 100 - "One Nation Under God" Bumper Stickers (11 Inches by 3 Inches)
  • 100 - "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" Bumper Stickers (11 inches by 3 inches)
  • 100 - "Pray for our troops" Bumper stickers (11 inches by 3 inches)
  • 100 - "Pray for America" (11 inches x 3 inches)
  • 100 - "Return Safely" (11 inches by 3 inches)
  • 100 - "Fear Not" (11 inches by 3 inches)
  • 100 - U.S. Flag Lapel Pin/Bookmark with The Pledge of Allegiance written on the bookmark
  • 100 - God's protection Wrist band that comes carded with Psalm 91 written on the card.

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