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Wholesale Silver United States Marine Sword ENGRAVED

This U.S. Marine Corps sword is a beautiful replica of the swords issued to the Marines.The blade is produced from stainless steel and is well polished. The inscribing of one side of the blade is " UNITED STATES MARINES". The handle is wrapped with copper metal wire and is guarded by a silver steel casted basket hilt. A tassle nicely tops out the sword.The sheath is finished in a high gloss black metal and capped with silver caps. The sheath is produced 100% of metal.The overall length of the sword is 34 inches.The blade is wellpolished. This item can also be displayed on an office wall or used as a house wall decoration. This is also an item that can beused in stage plays as a prop.This item is not a toy and is dangerous if not handled properly.
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UPC/EIN/ISBN: 844296029730
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