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Wholesale A Cookbook For Mommy & Me

Made in the USA
A Cookbook For Mommy & Me
CQ Products-A Cookbook for Mommy & Me. You're tired of all the cooking-making sure the family is fed. It's lonely; tiresome work; you know; but then a little voice said, "Mommy, I want to help!" Sooner or later; your little ones will want to do more than make messes and gobble up all the food in the kitchen! Welcome your Little Helper to the world of cooking and baking with open arms. Who knows? You may have the next Julia Child running around your house! Teach fun creations like: Dinosaur Punch; Easy Chocolate Waffles; Fun Taco Cups; Frozen Bananas and Apple Dip. This book contains 124 pages and 114 recipes for Mommy and Helper to share. Directions are divided by instructions for Mommy and instructions for Helper. Softcover: 124 pages. Made in USA.
UPC/EIN/ISBN: 999991508810
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