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Hai Rc-2000Whzb Wireless Multistage Omnistat2 For Heat Pump Systems With Humidity Control
Humidifier & Dehumidifier Control; Supports 2-Stage Conventional & 2-Stage Heat Pump With 3Rd-Stage Aux Heat; Dual Fuel With 2Nd Stage Aux Heat; Supports 1 External Temperature Sensor For Indoor Or Outdoor; Digital Precise Temperature Control; Automatic Heat/Cool Changeover; Fan Cycle Mode Periodically Circulates Air For Comfort; Display Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Optional; Indoor Sensor Averaging With Remote Sensor; Does Not Need Batteries To Retain Settings & Time; Graphic Display Of Hvac Weekly Usage; Learns How Home Heats & Cools For Efficiency & Comfort; 7-Day Programmable Schedule With Copy Function; Temperature Settings For Home, Night, Away & Vacation When Integrated With An Hai Home Control System; Filter Reminder For Peak Efficiency; Built-In Vacation Mode Feature Restores Temperature Before Returning Home; Communicates With Hai Home Control Systems & Other Manufacturer'S Automation Systems; Optional Remote Access Via Internet & Telephone Expansion Port For Wireless Communication; Proximity/Motion Detector, Screen Lights Up When Approached; Choose Between 1 Of 2 Display Options Based Upon Desired Viewable Information--Over 100 Customizable Backlight Options; Works With Zigbee Wireless Communication; Multi-Color Backlight-Adjustable At Any Time; White
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