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Wholesale 36 Pro Level Quality Wood Bat

36 Pro Level Quality Wood Bat.
Unlike many fungos on the market today the Akadema Major League Fungo is hand-crafted using the same quality Unfinished Northern White Ash used in our profession al bat line and now features Akadema's exclusive Tacktion Grip. The result is a long-lasting wood fungo with and incredible amount of pop" that has been overwhelmingly popular among the profession al coaching ranks. Akadema's fungo is available in 36" only and has a small 2 barrel a 1 1 " tapered handle and a 1 "4" knob. Akadema Profession al Wood Bats are Amish-Crafted in the Pennsylvania Dutch Tradition. Akadema utilizes the Amish tradition in wood-craftsmanship to produce the best wood bats on the market today. These bats are made from Northern White Ash or Rock maple the same grade of wood Major Leaguers prefer and come unfinished to allow for the proper maintenance of the wood. Hand-selected to ensure only the highest wood quality these bats are turned under the utmost scrutiny to guarantee incredible feel and bat.
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