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Wholesale Hair Accessory: Hair Braceletz

Hair Braceletz- Unique dual function hair accessory that can be used as a bracelet or a hair band.

There's nothing we love more than chic accessories that does double duty. This 3-Pack of Hair Braceletz gives you 2 great ways to wear a hot look. These fun little accessories are flexible bracelets with fun colors and sparkling stone accents. Simply slip them over your wrist to add a fun element to your favorite looks. When you're out, if you suddenly get the urge to switch up your look and put your hair up, simply take off one of your Hair Braceletz and use is as a hair tie. This clever design looks great in your hair and on your wrist and is perfect for any girl on the go.

• Can be worn as a bracelet or a hair tie.
• Each pack comes with 3-black, 3-pink, and 3-yellow
• Sparkling stones for a little touch of glamour
• Won't pull at your hair.

Wholesale Pink Grapefruit Hand Cleanser Hand Lotion

Hand Cleanser: Infused with citrus essence and conditioners to thoroughly clean hands with gentle moisturizers. Leaves hands soft and clean with a pleasant scent.
Revitalizing Hand Lotion: Depp penetrating, non-oily formula nourishes and protects hard-working hands! Fast Absorbing formula infuses maximum hydration to soften dry, rough skin. Nourishing protection retains moisture for long-lasting smoothness.

Wholesale Brush Body Nt Pink

Paris Presents Bath - Brush Body Nt Pink

Wholesale Hair Dryer Pink Ionic

Hair Dryers / Heat Brush - Dryer Pink Ionic

Wholesale DawnMist Lotion Soap

2 fl. oz. lotion soap in travel size plastic bottle.
Gentle cleansing.
pH balanced.
Pink color.


Wholesale 5.5" 2 - Tone Bath Sponge in Display Assorted

  • Comes in yellow with white and pink with white.
  • This soft material will help exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells so you can look your very best.
  • It will revitalize your skin and let it glow and restore healthy looking skin.
  • features a handle that can be used to hang it in a shower.

Wholesale Nylon Bath Sponge Scrubber Assorted Colors

  • Nylon Bath Sponge w/ Organza comes in five assorted colors: light pink; light green; light purple; light blue; and white.
  • Made of soft nylon material,
  • Gentle on your skin, comfortable to use and creater much lather.
  • Suitable for bathing use.

Wholesale 9PC COMB SET

9 PK comb set assorted sizes & styles the perfect family pack.
1 purple, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 pink, 1 light blue, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 teal, 1 mustard
Dimensions 7"x1.5", 8"x1", 7"x1", 8.5"x1", 5"x1", 8"x2", 5"x1.5", 6.5"x1.5", 7"x1".

Wholesale Fish Shape Nylon Bath Sponge

  • Nylon Fish-Shaped Bath Sponge comes in pink, green, blue, pastel green, and more.
  • Each sponge has a fish attached to a small luffa.
  • Hang it on a shower head and use with a body wash to exfoliate your skin.
  • The fish can be used for a slightly rougher cleansing on feet.

Wholesale Spot On Illuminating Tweezers

Shine light on targeted areas for accuracy. LED light stays on with the push of a button. Precision slanted tip, stainless steel. Comes in a protective tube. Assorted colors: pink, orange, yellow, purple and green.
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