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Wholesale ThrustMaster - PlayStation®3/PC Ferrari® Wireless F150 Italia Alonso Edition Gamepad

ThrustMaster - PlayStation®3/PC Ferrari® Wireless F150 Italia Alonso Edition Gamepad

  • Wireless 2.4GHz technology
  • Exclusive & numbered
  • Metalized design inspired by the Musetto of the 2011 Ferrari® F1 race car, the Ferrari® 150th Italia, signed by Fernando Alonso
  • Lower grip featuring a full peach-skin texture
  • Optical wheel with auto-centering
  • Ultra-precise control over progressive steering actions with an auto-centering feature & 90┬░ rotation angle
  • Dual progressive & programmable triggers
  • Independent & measurable braking & acceleration
  • Home button for PS3®
  • Fully programmable
  • Swappable buttons, mini-sticks, directional buttons, optical wheel & triggers
  • Mapping, preset & internal memory functions
  • Enables users to switch from 1 configuration to another in just 1 sec
  • Stores all programmed button configurations, even when disconnected
  • Compatible with PC & PS3®

Wholesale CTA - PlayStation®Move/PlayStation®3 U.S. ARMY™ Elite Force Assault Rifle

CTA - PlayStation®Move/PlayStation®3 U.S. ARMY™ Elite Force Assault Rifle

  • Digitally mapped buttons for instant response
  • Realistic look & lightweight construction
  • Compatible with Call of Duty®: MW3®, Battlefield 3® & most PS3® first person shooter games
  • Compatible with PlayStation®Move titles via the motion controller cradle, including Resistance 3®, Killzone 3®, SOCOM 4®, as well as any other PlayStation®Move-compatible shooter games
  • When a motion controller is attached, the rest of the rifle mimics the function of the navigation controller
  • Requires 2 AA batteries
  • Digitally mapped buttons that use the trigger as the R1 button & the T button with the PlayStation®Move controller
  • Includes all button & stick functions found in the PS3® DUALSHOCK®3 controller
  • Includes rifle, Bluetooth® USB adapter, attachable dot sight, attachable stock & attachable muzzle

Wholesale CTA - Xbox 360®/PlayStation®3/Nintendo Wii® U.S. Army™ Universal Gaming Backpack

CTA - Xbox 360®/PlayStation®3/Nintendo Wii® U.S. Army™ Universal Gaming Backpack

  • Carries either PS3®, Xbox 360® or Wii® console, games & accessories
  • Perfect for travel
  • 3 zippered pocket layers
  • 2 side bottle holders
  • Removable padded pouch for Kinect® sensor
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Sternum strap for extra support
  • Storage space for over 15 game cases
  • Top rubber carrying handle

Wholesale ThrustMaster - Xbox 360® Y-400Xw Gaming Headset

ThrustMaster - Xbox 360® Y-400Xw Gaming Headset

  • 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Chat system for Xbox 360® via the inline controller, which can be connected to the Xbox 360® gamepad for perfect communication with teammates
  • Latency killing system
  • Plug & play automatic pairing function
  • 10-hour rechargeable Li-Poly battery
  • Range up to 10m
  • Superior audio via premium bass-boost 50mm drivers
  • Pure "real life" audio sensations
  • Adjustable parameters on the controller
  • Adjustabe audio level of the game, bass, voices & microphone
  • Design perfectly matches Xbox 360®
  • Large, ultra-soft ear pads
  • Double electro-acoustic bass amplification
  • Noise-cancelling microphone erases ambient noise
  • Microphone is detachable & adjustable to adapt to every player
  • Exclusive customization of microphone's gain level
  • Fully compatible with your PC & Mac® via USB
  • 2 sets of cloth & leather ear pads included

Wholesale ThrustMaster - Xbox One™/PlayStation®3/PC Ferrari® GT F458 Challenge Wheel Add-On

ThrustMaster - Xbox One™/PlayStation®3/PC Ferrari® GT F458 Challenge Wheel Add-On

  • Detachable Ferrari® 458 Challenge replica wheel for the Thrustmaster® T500 (TMST4169056) RS & TX Wheel (TMST4469016)
  • Officially licensed by Ferrari®
  • Installs easily on T500 RS or Ferrari® F1 Wheel
  • Integral T500 wheel base
  • 11"/28 cm in diameter
  • Reinforced textured rubber on the wheel's entire circumference
  • Brushed metal, 2mm-thick central spokes with metallic paint
  • Weighs more than 2.6lbs for ultra-realistic inertia & force feedback
  • 2 large sequential paddle shifters are attached to the wheel & move with the wheel
  • Paddle shifters are 5" tall & are crafted of 2mm-thick brushed metal & metallic paint
  • 6 easy-access, clearly identified action buttons
  • 3-position Manettino dial with push function in the center
  • Multidirectional D-pad
  • Detachable wheel with Thrustmaster® Quick Release system
  • PS3™, PC & Xbox One™ compatible

Wholesale Wii Component Video + Stereo Audio Cable: 6 ft

Audio & Video (5RCA) Enhanced Definition (480p) Component Cable for Wii


  • 100% Brand New!
  • Wii Male Connector
  • 5 RCA Component Audio/Video Male Connectors
  • Color: White
  • Length: 6 ft
  • Enhanced Definition (480p)
  • Allows the user to connect their Nintendo Wii to their television by use of component inputs.
  • This is not an official Nintendo brand product.
  • This Component AV cable is exclusively for use with Nintendo Wii console
  • This cable can be used with TVs and has component video inputs (Y,Cb/Pb,CR/Pr)
  • Using this cable will provide you with a much clearer image than provided by standard AV cable
  • Enables displays with natural and vivid colors

    Having stunning Nintendo Wii graphics via component video connection for your TV is an absolute requirement. Play all games and watch movies in the sharpest quality available by using component video ports on your TV. Play high quality audio with the included Stereo connection. The shielded cable also includes the more traditional Composite connections for use with standard definition TVs. Having a Next Gen Cable for a Next Gen Video Game System is an absolute must for any gaming enthusiast and tech guru.
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    Wholesale ThrustMaster - PlayStation®3/PC T-Wireless Black Gamepad

    ThrustMaster - PlayStation®3/PC T-Wireless Black Gamepad

    • Wireless 2.4GHz technology
    • 50-hour battery life
    • 360┬░ grips & mini-sticks with rubber
    • 2 handles with nonslip, textured rubber grips
    • Fully programmable
    • Exclusive mapping function allows all buttons to be swapped
    • Home button lets user to access PS3® menus
    • Multi-player function
    • Automatic synchronization of the gamepad & transmitter
    • Compatible with PC & PS3®
    • Compatible with Windows® XP/Vista/7/8
    • Requires 3 AAA batteries

    Wholesale Dreamgear - Nintendo Wii® 15-In-1 Player's Kit Plus

    Dreamgear - Nintendo Wii® 15-In-1 Player's Kit Plus

    • Kit includes: Game blaster controller extension
    • Micro wheel
    • Jeli grip
    • Baseball remote extension
    • Pool remote extension
    • Remote slot
    • Remote sleeve
    • Golf remote extension
    • Tennis remote extension
    • Game grips
    • Wrist strap
    • Remote savers

    Wholesale Microsoft - Gaming, Chatpad, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Rechargeable Battery

    Microsoft - Gaming, Chatpad, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Rechargeable Battery

    • Kit Includes The Following
    • b4f00014
    • 2.4 Ghz Wireless Technology With 30-ft Range
    • Up To 4 Wireless Controllers Can Be Used With 1 Xbox 360
    • Integrated Headset Port For Xbox Live
    • Adjustable Vibration Feedback For Longer Battery Life
    • Includes 2 Aa Batteries For Up To 40 Hours Of Playtime
    • Compatible With Pdr360pc Xbox 360
    • dg360-279
    • convenient & Economical Power For Xbox 360
    • 36-hours Gameplay Per Charge
    • Compatible With All Xbox 360
    • Black
    • 11654
    • allows Users To Communicate Quickly & Easily With Other Gamers On Xbox Live
    • Users Can Update Profile, Message Friends Or Enter Codes In Seconds
    • Snaps Onto Controller For Easy Use

    Wholesale ThrustMaster - PlayStation®3/PC TH8RS Gearbox

    ThrustMaster - PlayStation®3/PC TH8RS Gearbox

    • Shifting gears feels just like in a real car
    • 13cm tall gear stick with knob
    • Detachable knob compatible with real universal knobs
    • USB connection
    • 100% metal internal mechanism, lever & clamping system
    • H.E.A.R.T. HallEffect AccuRate Technology®
    • No tact switch & no potentiometer for unlimited product lifetime
    • Upgradeable firmware & internal memory
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