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Made in the USA

Wholesale Glisten 2 oz Lemon Dishwasher Cleaner

Remove set in stains, built up soap scum and discoloration from your dishwasher with Glisten. Simply pour Glisten in the main wash compartment of your empty dishwasher and run one light or regular cycle. At the end of the cycle, Glisten will have scrubbed your dishwasher to a sparkling clean you didn't know was possible!
Run an empty dishwasher with Glisten in the main compartment and the hard to remove stains, soap scum, discoloration due to water impurities and iron will be gone. Environmentally safe and made with natural food acids, Glisten has a lemon fresh scent. For best results, use monthly. Glisten is safe for septic tanks. Each 2 oz one time use package contains cautions and directions.
Made in USA.

Wholesale Oven and Grill Cleaner - Foaming | 4 ea. 1 gallon

  • Combines cost savings with excellent cleaning performance
  • Foaming action
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Cuts through carbon and grease build up with powerful foaming action
  • Use on ovens, grills, hoods, exhaust fans, stove tops

Wholesale Diamond Bright Stainless Steel Polish | 12 ea. Pints

Diamond Bright cleans and polishes stainless steel and other metals to shine like a diamond. Removes spots, grease marks, fingerprints, film and watermarks.
Tough shine every time.
12 ea. Pints Includes 2 ea Trigger Sprayers per dozen.
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