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Wholesale Closeouts - Cell Phone Accessories Assortment

Cell Phone Accessories Assortment. Case includes a random assortment of the following cell phone accessories: Car chargers, Cases, Belt Clip Holsters, and more.
Random assortment of accessories for non-smart phones from: Motorola, Nextel, Samsung, Kyocera, Nokia, Sanyo and more.
Mix of bulk and retail packaged items.

Wholesale Lenmar - 6-Volt 4LR44 Alkaline 6V Watch Battery

Lenmar - 6-Volt 4LR44 Alkaline 6V Watch Battery

  • Fits ANSI 1406SOP, 1414A
  • Bronica® ETR-S
  • Chromex 4LR44
  • Duracell® PX28A, PX28, PX28AB
  • Energizer® A54464
  • Eveready® A544, 544
  • Gold Peak GP476, GP476A
  • Guardian® 4LR44
  • Hitachi® 4SR44
  • IEC® 4LR44, 4SR44
  • Innotek® BAT001
  • JIS® 4AG13
  • Kodak® K28A
  • Mallory® 7H34
  • Maxell® 4L
  • Replaces Panasonic® BR1620
  • Sony® CR1616
  • 6V
  • 118mAh
  • Alkaline
  • 30-day warranty
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Wholesale Closeouts - Ravensburger Xoomy Boys Portable Illustrating Machine

Ravensburger Xoomy Boys Portable Illustrating Machine. With the compact Xoomy kit, budding illustrators can copy all kinds of shapes and designs onto paper. You can zoom in on each design and mix and match them with pictures from different theme patterns. Xoomy is really easy to use - a dream come true for aspiring young designers! And when you've finished, you can pack everything away safely and take it with you whereever you go. Contents: Child-friendly drawing case with powerful zoom lamp Sun shield 20 design foils 10 sheets of drawing paper 1 black felt pen Detailed instructions Requires 4 AA 1.5V LR6 batteries (not included) Krypton bulb 2.4W max (supplied) Colours and design may vary. Please retain the packaging for future reference. Coloured pencils not included. Felt-tip pen meets the requirements of ISO 11540. Stains from felt-tip pens cannot be washed out of textiles. Age 7 years and up. Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Danger of choking due to small parts that may be swallowed. For use under adult supervision.
Made in the USA

Wholesale NEW Genuine Microsoft Zune Cable Pack Audio & USB Sync Cables

  • The Zune Cable Pack gives you all the cables you'll need to connect your Zune.
  • Charge your Zune while you are away from home with the Zune AC Adapter and a spare Zune Sync Cable.
  • Listen on the go. The audio cable plugs into standard auxiliary headphone jacks like the ones found in many cars and on home A/V equipment. Plug in.
  • Experience your Zune on a bigger screen. Use the A/V output cable to connect Zune 30GB or Zune 80GB to a TV either at home or on the go.
  • Sync cable: Sync and charge whenever you're away from your home computer.
  • A/V output cable: See pictures and video on your TV or listen to your tunes through your stereo.
  • Audio cable: Listen to your Zune through compatible car stereos.

Wholesale iPod Nano Headset Headphones Music Player

The wireless FREEDOM you've been waiting for.

Cordless stereo headset is specially designed for iPod nano second and third generation. Simply plug the iPod nano into the exclusively designed slot and you can enjoy the music anywhere, anytime. No battery is required. These headphones enhance your experience with your iPod nano in a whole new way.

Your iPod shuffle or 2nd and 3rd generation Nano will plug directly into to headphones for easy wire free listening. All other MP3 players have to use a connecting cord (included) that plugs into the bottom of the headphones.

. Completely wireless for iPods listed above

. No batteries required

. Just slide your MP3 player into the slot on the ear cup

. Soft full sized ear cups comfortably surround your ears

. Adjustable headband fits snugly over your head

. Complete access to your MP3 controls

Features include:
Turns your new iPod nano into a cordless MP3 headset
Collapsible design for easy storage
Exceptional stereo sound
No battery required
3.5mm jack for your computer, portable CD player or any other music device
Accommodating thick hygienic ear pads
Full access to iPod nano click wheel and display
Lightweight with adjustable headband
iPod Compatibility Nano 2nd and 3rd gerneration or shuffle.
Measures 8.5 x 7 x 3 inches


Wholesale Cord Controller Small Beige

Cord Controller Small Beige
Cord Controller is an adjustable, durable, and water resistant sleeve that secures and organizes all of the cords in your office, home and travel. It is multi-use/reusable consumer solution based product that addresses safety concerns, controls and organizes cords, and eliminates visual clutter and frustration in the home and office.

Cord Controller is used to secure and organize all sizes and types of cords or cord like products. Depending on the size, Cord Controller can be used for a variety of uses. It helps the user keep their home and office neat, organized and safe.
Suggested uses for the small size are:
  • Secure excess cords from floor lamps avoiding accidents and as an added bonus, the beige color matches most carpeting
  • Insert the curling iron and cord into Cord Controller for no cord tangling during travel or in bathrooms
  • Secure excess cords of lamps or appliances on counter tops for neatness and safety
    Uses are unlimited. One only need to use their imagination. Think storage and safety solutions; organization and efficiency. Be a Neatnik.
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    Wholesale Lenmar - AT&T ER-P240 Cordless Phone Replacement Battery

    Lenmar - AT&T ER-P240 Cordless Phone Replacement Battery

    • Fits AT&T®/Lucent Technologies® 3300, 3301, 91076
    • Clarity® C420
    • Motorola® E51, MA-300, MA-350, MA-351, MA-357, MA-361, MA-363, MA-550, MA-551, MA-580, MA-581, MD-400, MD-700, MD-7000, MD-7151, MD-750, MD-761, SD-4500
    • VTech® ia5854
    • Replaces AT&T®/Lucent Technologies® 80-5071-00-00
    • Casio® 3/2 3AACA, 3N-270AA
    • Dantona® 3AA-A BATT-3300
    • Empire® CPB-400D
    • Energizer® ER-P240
    • GE®-General Electric® D-AA600BX3, 17654, 21671, 22402, 27851, 52459, 86144, 86506, TL26144, TL26506
    • GP 60AAS3BMJ
    • Jasco® TL26506
    • Motorola® AA600BX3
    • Philips® SJB4152
    • RCA® TC-930
    • Sanik 3SN-AA60-S-J1, 3SN-AA80-S-J1
    • Sanyo® PCF03
    • 3.6V
    • 1,200mAh
    • NiMH
    • 1-year warranty

    Wholesale Kodak - Card Reader/Writer

    Kodak - Card Reader/Writer

    • Plug & play
    • Reads & writes information to & from Memory Stick® cards
    • Conserves camera battery life
    • Rapid data transfer
    • Rubberized grip
    • Perfect for people on the go
    • Compatible with Mac® & PC
    • Hi-Speed USB 2.0
    • 1-year warranty
    • SD™ Card

    Wholesale Cocoon - Grid-It™ Wrap 7 (Black)

    Cocoon - Grid-It™ Wrap 7 (Black)

    • Tablet slips into the back pocket
    • GRID-IT!™ organizer on front
    • Neoprene cover protects tablets & accessories
    • Stretches to accommodate bulkier items such as chargers & power adapters
    • Compatible with:
    • iPad® mini
    • Google® Nexus® 7
    • Samsung® Galaxy Tab® 2 7.0
    • Samsung® Galaxy Tab® 7 Plus
    • Samsung® Galaxy Tab®
    • BlackBerry® PlayBook®
    • Dell® Streak 7
    • HTC® Flyer
    • Archos® 70 Internet Tablet
    • Barnes & Noble® Nook®
    • Barnes & Noble® Nook® Tablet
    • Barnes & Noble® Nook® Simple Touch
    • Sony® Daily Edition®
    • Amazon® Kindle 2®
    • Amazon® Kindle Wi-Fi®
    • Amazon® Kindle 3G®
    • Amazon® Kindle®
    • Amazon® Kindle Touch®
    • Amazon® Kindle Keyboard®
    • Amazon® Kindle Fire®
    • Black
    Made in the USA

    Wholesale 3M Commercial Office Supply Div. Privacy Filter, 10.1" Widescreen, Gold

    3M Commercial Office Supply Div. Privacy Filter, 10.1" Widescreen, Gold
    Privacy filter keeps on-screen information private with golden opalescent tones. Screen data is only visible to persons directly in front of the monitor. From the side, passersby see a sunset of red, orange and gold hues while, from the front, it appears completely clear. User sees data with no blurring or distortion. Filter actually reduces screen glare up to 95 percent. Filter also protects computer screen from scratches, fingerprints and damage and stays in place when your notebook computer is closed. Frameless design offers easy-on, easy-off attachment and a plastic viewing area.
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