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Wholesale Spring Airsoft Metal Guns - G6S Model

280 FPS with 0.12 gram BBs. Weight: net weight- 1.2 lbs gun. Overall 8 inches in length.

Wholesale G13 Spring Metal Airsoft Real Feel Hand Gun

Push button clip release holds 15 BBs. Full 1:1 size metal construction gun is weighted for a realistic feel. Quantity: 20-pc. 6mm BB's. Dimensions: 8.5 inches in length. Shoots at 350 FPS with .12g BBs.

Wholesale Ukarm BB500BT 0.12g 6mm BBs- 500 Rounds

6mm plastic airsoft gun BBs. Color: assorted. Quantity: bottle- 500 rounds.

Wholesale Spring Airsoft Metal Guns- G6 Model

Full 1:1 scale handgun is weighted for more realistic feel. Push button clip release. Holds 15 BB's in zinc alloy shell. Includes 20-pc. 6mm BB's. Dimensions: 9 inches in length. Shoots at 320 FPS with .12 gram BB's.

Wholesale 9X6 Soft Bullet Gun

9X6 Soft Bullet Gun.

Wholesale Radar Chronograph with Beeper

Here is the same chronograph used at professional paintball fields and tournaments around the world! This chronograph uses a radar beam to measure the paintball's speed so it is unaffected by shell color or low light conditions. The velocity is displayed on the large LCD screen and emits a loud beep when a shot measures over 300 feet per second so everyone knows who was shooting too hot. Tough metal constuction and operates on one 12vt battery with automatic shutoff to prolong battery life. A must for safe play!

Wholesale Field Radar Chronograph

Here is a serious paintball chronograph as used at professional fields and tournaments around the world. Utilizing radar waves instead of light, this chronograph delivers accurate readings regardless of light conditions or paintball shell color. This lightweight and compact unit stows away securely and sets up quickly. Its aluminum frame features a rubber padded barrel rest for consistent shot placement and thus more accurate readings. A must for commercial field owners and a wise investment in safety and more enjoyment for private fields.


  • Radar technology for optimum results in all light conditions.
  • Consistent results regardless of paintball shell color.
  • Emits loud beep when over 300 fps.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Balls Per Second Counter
  • Aluminum frame holds radar unit securely.
  • Rubber barrel rest ensures proper barrel placement without marring barrels.
  • Rubber feet to prevent slippage.
  • A wise investment in safety and a more enjoyable game.
  • Great for airsmiths and home tinkers.
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    Wholesale Bipod for Tactical Rail with Metal Feet

    Here is a lightweight bipod with mount to fit any 7/8" tactical rail with Metal Feet such as those found on BT-4 and Tippmann X7s. Mounts easily with a simple thumbscrew. Bipod legs fold down when the secure switch is pushed and extend an additional 3 inches for comfort. Metal skid-style feet similar to those used on real machine guns for a secure stance in dirt and grass. Can be mounted so legs sweep forwards or back. Perfect for lining up that lone sniper sot or when laying down a barrage at range!

    Wholesale CORE Tactical Folding Bipod with Rubber Feet

    Bipods serve a variety of practical purposes on your paintball marker or airsoft replica. Bipods provide a steady firing platform when you want to take that one perfect aimed shot. Bipods let you lay down a barrage with better consistency by keeping your muzzle level. They let you rest your marker or replica on the edge of a bunker or parapet in between firing where it is quick and easy to get to. You can fire from a prone position more efficiently. Most important, they look awesome!

    The CORE Tactical Folding Bipod with Rubber Feet features lightweight aluminum construction and rubber feet at the bases for a non-slip grip. The legs conveniently fold out of the way and can be extended when a taller height is required. The CORE Tactical Folding Bipod mounts onto any 7/8" tactical rail with its sturdy mount with thumbscrew.


  • - Aluminum construction
  • - Extendable legs
  • - Rubber feet bases for non-slip grip
  • - Tactical rail mount
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    Wholesale TechT Ego Empire Sniper Bolt System

    The TECHT Hush Bolt is designed to improve the overall efficiency, sound signature and smoothness of operation in the Empire Sniper Pump Marker. TECHT's Hush Bolt Series for the Empire Sniper Pump Marker utilizes their "Even-Flow" venturi face technology. This "Even-Flow" venturi face along with our Sweeping Air Diversion Ramp allows the Hush Bolt to obtain optimal efficiency, while quieting the sound signature of the marker significantly.

    The Hush Bolt achieves better efficiency by capturing and utilizing air that is otherwise wasted. The two rear most o-rings capture all of the air released and forces it through the bolt to fire the ball, and the front o-ring seals in the breach to ensure that the air cannot escape anywhere except down the barrel propelling the ball. The Hush Bolt also features continuous cuts through to the face of the bolt to ensure less friction when making contact with the ball detents.

    So what makes the Hush Bolt for the Sniper different from stock? The TechT Hush Bolt for the Sniper Pump has been fitted so as to produce less drag on the o-rings but still keep a good seal to maximize efficiency. This means a smoother pump without having to sacrifice any efficiency. The hush style face and o-ring placement also aids in knocking down the sound signature of the marker.

    * Utilizes the marker's stock bolt pin. Bol.t pin not included.

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