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Wholesale Electronic Bug Zapper Racket

YES!!! Now you can kill mosquitoes, flies, gnats and all flying insects on contact....instantly. Shaped like a tennis racket, simply swing at those pesky flying insects while holding down the button on the side. Upon contact a small flash and crackling sound will be produced meaning no more annoying insects ruining your outdoor (or indoor) fun. Environmentally friendly and not harmful to humans or pets. Takes 2 AA batteries available anywhere.

Wholesale Drain Sweep

The safe and easy way to unclog any drain or pipe....instantly and without any harmful chemicals. Amazing PATENTED Flex-Clean System the flexible wires hold onto debris while water easily passes through it unclogging even the toughest drains and pipes. Don't wait for a clogged drain! Buy yours now and be prepared. You'll be glad you did!!

Wholesale Outdoor Solar Led Light

Have Light Anywhere Around Yor Home. Solar Powered. No wires or electricity needed. Stores the suns energy by day...shines brightly at night. Includes unique outdoor bracket perfect for mounint on gutters, patios, walls, sheds, decks, fences and more. Turns ON automatically at dusk...OFF at dawn. Added safety around your home. Energy saver.

Wholesale Ultra Sonic Cordless Repeller

No more pesky animals with this handy Ultra Sonic Cordless Repeller. Safely repels Cats, Dogs, Skunks, Rodents, Bats, Insects, Deer and More! Simply set the dial to repel specific pests and the motion sensor senses movement up to 15' away and activates the ultrasonic tone. Covers up to 5000 square feet.

Wholesale As Seen On TV - Crazy Critters Fox

As Seen On TV Pet,Repellants&Gardening - Crazy Critters Fox

Wholesale As Seen On TV - Crazy Critters Racoon

As Seen On TV Pet,Repellants&Gardening - Crazy Critters Racoon
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