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Wholesale Baby Signs Book

*No more tantrums *Understand each other *Discover how to communicate with your baby with this revolutionary new method This book has been specifically designed to enable parents to communicate with their babies before they can talk. By using this amazing new system of hand movements and gestures you will be able to converse with your newborn, creating a bond that will last a life. Material: Hard Paper Cover Pages: 12 pages (24 Signs) Dimensions: 4.5" X 4.5" X .25".

Wholesale Book-Whatever It Takes by Avi Sivan

Avi Sivan, Guru of Infomercials - First he motivated his soldiers and troops in the Israeli army. Then he motivated his partners and employees to make money in the infomercial world. In this candid and wildly unpredictable book of life experience, personal wisdom, and success tips, Avi Sivan shares a lifetime of knowledge from his incredible successes. Over the years, Sivan has invented, created, and manufactured good and products totaling more than a billion dollars in retail value through TV, the internet, and retail stores worldwide. In these pages as the king of infomercials Sivan tells all he knows about how to enter the world of business, and the infomercial industry in particular. Thanks to Sivan's inspirational motivations, creativity, and persistence, characteristic brass, and self taught smarts, you will be inspired to get the most out of your own life and to achieve your goals by applying Sivan's "Whatever It Takes" attitude.
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Wholesale Closeouts - That Man, An Insider's Portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Robert H. Jackson was one of the giants of the Roosevelt era: an Attorney General, a still revered Supreme Court Justice and, not least important, one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's close friends and advisers. His intimate memoir of FDR, written in the early 1950s before Jackson's untimely death, has remained unpublished for fifty years. Here is that newly discovered memoir. Written with skill and grace, this is truly a unique account of the personality, conduct, greatness of character, and common humanity of "that man in the White House," as outraged conservatives called FDR. Jackson simply but eloquently provides an insider's view of Roosevelt's presidency, including such crucial events as FDR's Court-packing plan, his battles with corporate America, his decision to seek a third term, and his bold move to aid Britain in 1940 with American destroyers. He also offers an intimate personal portrait of Roosevelt--on fishing trips, in late-night poker games, or approving legislation while eating breakfast in bed, where he routinely began his workday. We meet a president who is far-sighted but nimble in attacking the problems at hand; principled but flexible; charismatic and popular but unafraid to pick fights, take stands, and when necessary, make enemies. That Man is not simply a valuable historical document, but an engaging and insightful look at one of the most remarkable men in American history. In reading this memoir, we gain not only a new appreciation for Roosevelt, but
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Wholesale Closeouts - Between Friends: Perspectives on John Kenneth Galbraith

Fifteen original essays by eminent personalities in public life, journalism, economics, and the arts, written to honor the ninetieth birthday of one of the world's most famous economists The wide array of contributors to this celebratory volume reflects the richly varied life of John Kenneth Galbraith -- professor of economics and writer, public servant and ambassador, eminent collector of Indian art, and head of a gifted family. Each contributor writes from his or her own highly individual perspective, whether informed by politics, journalism, economics, academe, art -- or just as a good friend. Some of the essays are anecdotal and humorous; others, more serious, show how Galbraith's ideas have influenced the contributors; yet others underscore the contribution his ideas have made to a better understanding of the world by us all. Galbraith is himself present through a collection of his memorable aphorisms compiled as the closing chapter to the book -- not least in his thoughts on writing and the publishing business. The contributors include Derek Bok, Carlos Fuentes, Peter Galbraith, Katharine Graham, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Robert Reich, and Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
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