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Wholesale Hank Haneys Golf Slot Stix Total Training System

Improve Every Area Of Your Game From Tee To Green No other training system on the market helps you improve every area of your game like the Slot Stix Total Training System. Includes everything you need to practice every one of Hank's 16 lessons with guide sticks that provide instant feedback on every swing, telling you when you're swinging wrong, and when you're swinging right. Hank Haney - Slot Stix Total Training System features: Eliminate major swing flaws that lead to slices or hooks Guide sticks provide instant feedback on every swing 16 valuable lessons to dramatically improve your confidence Includes: Training DVD 7 Specially Designed, Color Coded Guide Sticks Lesson Guidebook Carry Bag for Guide Sticks 16 Lessons: Lesson 1: Spine angle and club plane Lesson 2: Setup and alignment Lesson 3: Eliminate your slice and pull shots Lesson 4: Eliminate your hook and push shots Lesson 5: Rotate around your axis Lesson 6: Stop the power-robbing reverse pivot Lesson 7: Find your swing plane Lesson 8: Hips start the downswing Lesson 9: Pinch it to pitch and chip it Lesson 10: Stop the scoop Lesson 11: Bounce the clubhead to exit the sand Lesson 12: Sand bunker set up and alignment Lesson 13: Center the ball on the club face Lesson 14: Line up your putts Lesson 15: Straight or arc Lesson 16: Distance trumps direction Dramatically Improve Your Confidence From Greenside To Bunkers!
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