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Wholesale Tribbles Customizable Card Game- Star Trek

Tribbles Customizable Card Game - Star Trek edition.
Released in 2000 by Decipher Inc., Tribbles is a customizable card game designed around the fictional tribble creatures of the Star Trek television series. While this game is not playable with most cards from the Star Trek CCG, this pre-constructed game could be expanded by collecting the tribbles cards from The Troubles with Tribbles expansion of the Star Trek CCG.

Card game themed around Original Star Trek and Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episodes featuring Tribbles
Includes: Four Color-Coded Tribbles Decks - 112 Total Cards, 8 Special Reference Cards
Includes: Easy-to-follow Rulesheet, scorepad, pencil.
Suitable for Ages 7 to Adult, 2 to 4 Players.
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