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In our children?s outreach we bring the love and light of Jesus to local parks through engaging in play and activities with the kids. We offer free face painting and bring out sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and sports gear. As we spend time with the kids we hope to build trust and be godly role models for them, sharing the gospel as often as opportunity opens. We also desire to build relationship with their parents and always have on hand Christian literature for those who show interest. Many in this community do not have a relationship with Jesus and don't have plans to step foot in a church, let alone bring their children to one. This outreach brings the church to them.
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Playballs Deflated 10 inch
SKU: 1188422
Casepack: 12 pcs
Case Price: $13.80
Requesting 12 pieces (1 cases).
Giant Soap Bubble Wand - 8" Diameter
SKU: 1047234
Casepack: 36 pcs
Case Price: $45.72
Requesting 36 pieces (1 cases).
Tootle Turtle Flying Disk
SKU: 539102
Casepack: 2 pcs
Case Price: $11.84
Requesting 2 pieces (1 cases).
Squeeze Sport Balls
SKU: 1776892
Casepack: 72 pcs
Case Price: $50.41
Requesting 72 pieces (1 cases).
Bubbly Bubbles with Wand 16 ounce
SKU: 1186405
Casepack: 12 pcs
Case Price: $14.52
Requesting 24 pieces (2 cases).