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Welcome to the Wish List of
Angelic Covering Ministries

"For He shall give His Angels charge
over thee to keep thee in all thy ways."
Psalm 91:11

We need your help!

Please donate as much as you can of the items of need listed below.

Your charitable donation will be shipped directly to: Angelic Covering Ministries, c/o April L. Brown, Executive Director, within 10-14 business days. Shipping on all orders under $100 is $6.95, orders over $100 will be 9.95 and all orders over $399 will receive free shipping!
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50 X 60 - Assorted Solid Color Fleece Blankets
SKU: 414519
Casepack: 24 pcs
Case Price: $81.60
Requesting 24 pieces (1 cases).
Clear Shopping Bag with Snap Handles
SKU: 414368
Casepack: 250 pcs
Case Price: $31.25
Requesting 500 pieces (2 cases).
Adult Magic Stretch Gloves
SKU: 183006
Casepack: 120 pcs
Case Price: $108.00
Requesting 360 pieces (3 cases).