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Stretching the Nonprofit Dollars, by

Scottsdale -- 6 March, 2013 --

Fiscal Cliff, Sequestration, Debt Ceiling and on and on... Can the news get any worse for the nonprofit world whose goal is just to help people? I don't see any help in sight with the impasse going on the last couple of years in Washington and the increase in taxes that will eventually decrease the discretionary income Americans have to share with nonprofits.

So with less help from the government and less donations coming in, nonprofits must become smarter on how they spend the limited funds available to support their causes. We saw this coming at DollarDays, so our merchandising staff was tasked to find the products we sell the most to nonprofits at the lowest prices in the marketplace. This was not easy because many of these same products are the best sellers at retail stores, so competition to secure these hot in demand products at the right price is stiff. I am pleased to announce they did it!

For instance DollarDays sells 144 pencils for $9.60 whereas if you buy from Staples, this same box is $19.99. Toothbrushes at Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart, Dollar Stores and many chain stores may be available for $1. DollarDays toothbrushes start at 6 cents. Whereas DollarDays can get nonprofits into quality backpacks for under $3.50, the least expensive backpack we have seen in chain stores is a minimum of $7.50.

Stretching the nonprofit dollar is just one aspect of how today's nonprofits must help more underprivileged people with less. The resource of time is also crucial to nonprofits because with fewer volunteers and more people needing help, the time invested to help others must be used wisely. DollarDays saw this coming also, and beefed up our team of nonprofit sales consultants who spend most of their time helping organizations find the right products at the right price so charities do not have to wrestle with these crucial decisions alone. Our nonprofit sales consultants truly continue with our theme of stretching nonprofit dollars to serve more people when they are helping charities get the most bang for their buck.

We all know that the most vulnerable part of our society is going to be in real trouble for the next several years, especially with what we have been seeing out of Washington the last several months. Our nonprofits are our last hope for the safety net our society needs to be compassionate and caring for those with hardships to overcome. If DollarDays can help nonprofits spend their dollars smarter while stretching the reach of their donations, then when we go home at night, all of us feel we have contributed in our small way to help build a better America.
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