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Welcome to the Community Connections Wish List.

Community Connections provides comprehensive, respectful and effective mental health and residential services to residents of the District of Columbia and Montgomery County, Maryland.

We are proud to be the largest not-for-profit mental health agency serving men, women and children in the nation's capital. From its humble beginnings in 1984, Community Connections has been committed to innovative and compassionate mental health, addictions and residential services for the District of Columbia's most vulnerable citizens.

Community Connections was founded on the premise that service integration could best be achieved by vesting a single agency with responsibility for a full range of activities. Although it maintains collaborative relationships with public and private providers throughout the Greater Washington area, Community Connections continues to develop and maintain "in-house" services to meet the many needs of its clients.

Your charitable donation will be shipped directly to Community Connections within 10-14 business days.
Shipping on all orders under $100 is $6.95, orders over $100 will be 9.95 and all orders over $399 will receive free shipping!
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