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Packing Slips

We ship every order with packing slips that contain your business information, not ours. They also ship without pricing so you never have to worry that your customer will see the super low price you paid for the product(s)!

Product Feeds

You get access to our entire product inventory with simple to use product feeds, aka spreadsheets. You decide what products you want on your feed and when you want to receive the feed. These feeds are a smart way to upload products to your marketplace or website.

5% off all products

Dropshippers get 5% off all products on our site, which means you automatically earn a 5% profit. Most dropshippers increase the prices by 45% or more. Consider your baseline commission is 5% and the more you raise prices, the more commission (money) you will make as a dropshipper!

Flat Rate Shipping

We charge a flat $9.95 to ship each order. Your customer can order one item or ten items, it can be 1lb. or 100 lbs, it can be a bar stool or a pallet of fish tanks(no fish included),either way we will ship it for $9.95.

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3. Let us work our magic

We try to get every new dropshipper setup with one business day. Once setup, we will email you additional material, including video tutorials and advice on getting started.

4. Start selling products

With 265,000+ products available, "the world is your oyster" and you can start listing/selling all the products you want.

What you can expect from DollarDays:

Fulfillment rates

We work really, really hard to fulfill every order, however, it is possible that we sell out of an item occasionally. Our dropshippers average a 98% fulfillment rate, however, we do have specific product selections that will keep your rate to 100%; just ask!

Shipping times

We start working orders the same business day and try to ship most orders within 72 hours(3 working days). Once processed, they will ship via UPS or FEDEX ground, which takes 2-6 days, depending on the distance. On average, most orders take 5 days from start to finish.

Service that supports

If something goes wrong and your customer's order gets damaged or broken, let us know and we will issue a refund or replacement. If they want to return an item, that is fine, we will take care of that too. Either way we support our dropshippers from beginning to end.


Documentation and support are really important in order to be successful. Even though we don't have ALL the answers, we try to support our dropshippers in every way possible.

Support Forum
This is a really great new section where you can read other dropshippers' questions, and ask some of your own.

CLICK HERE for pre and post sales FAQ's (highly recommended).
Video Tutorials
Sometimes words don't cut it, which is why we do videos. We're big fans of short sub-5 minute videos known as "Jings."

Visit our "VIDEO LIBRARY" for Jings that walk you through things step by step.
*Please note we do NOT recommend our dropship program if you plan to ship outside the US. This is because we only ship in the US and you must coordinate with a US freight forwarder on each order. This is expensive it also adds lots of time to the shipment and it make returns VERY costly and near impossible.*

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Facebook Stats
209,000+ likes
Each month, DollarDays donates $5,000 in merchandise via Facebook to help organizations that help children, teachers, animals, the homeless and more. We believe in giving back.
A+ rating & 12 years
We have been in business for 12+ years and keep an A+ rating with the BBB. No wonder our customers keep us in business and we love working with them! We are true blue.

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