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Welcome to the Only Just the Beginning Wish List.

Our primary service is to provide business plans and write grant proposals, but also includes preparation of resumes w/personalized cover letters, typing of correspondence, reports, statistical and financial data, manuscripts and dissertations.

Our goal is to provide our customers with these business services that will help them take their first crucial step down the road to realizing their dreams of having their own business; help them become more successful by utilizing financial resources available to help their established businesses expand and prosper.

Our mission is to provide on-the-job-training to our clients by giving them that first job experience and free work skill training to expand their employment opportunities in response to the high rate of unemployment and lack of job training, to get better paying jobs and even get a paycheck!! Our services will help lessen the burden and support the efforts of government programs such as public assistance programs and the workforce development system by providing free work skill training, which will help reduce poverty by allowing a chance for better jobs, which would in turn allow for a better quality of life and a healthier and better standard of living.

We Need Your Help. Please donate as much as you can of the following items of need:

Your charitable donation will be shipped directly to OJTB c/o Paula Yates within 10-14 business days.
Shipping on all orders under $100 is $6.95, orders over $100 will be 9.95 and all orders over $399 will receive free shipping!
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4 Metal and 2 Plastic Design Reading Glasses
SKU: 347608
Casepack: 216 pcs
Case Price: $324.00
Requesting 216 pieces (1 cases).